29th, 2023


Neoglyphidodon - The English to Neoglyphi Translator

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1. Currently you can only search for a single word at time. This will change when I learn how to code for multiple words.

2. When searching for a word and it shows up in the Lexicon, use that symbol alone for that particular word and ignore whatever shows up in the Translator results.

Example: When translating very, use the symbol (est_iest) instead of (ery) since that symbol is connected to very in the Lexicon.

3. When searching for a simple word or a variation of such word (such as big or bigger, respectively) make sure to check if that word is in the Lexicon. If so, use the symbol it is connected with in the Lexicon instead of the Translation and then the variation like you normally would.

Example: When searching for big, you use the symbol that is connected to big in the Lexicon, which would be (ultra).

4. Remember to double-check in the Lexicon if you are unsure! If a word is not translating correctly, please let me know so I can fix it.

5. If it's a small word and it isn't in the Lexicon, check the Simple Word Set to see if you can add a letter to form the word.



Updating code and the look of the site.


Finally fixed some code in the translator.


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