29th, 2023

Learn Neoglyphi

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Section 1: The Basics

Neoglyphi is intuitive in the way the symbols are used. Many of the symbols look like what they translate to. Someone with no knowledge of this language would not easily be able to decipher it but I'm sure it could be done given enough time.

Take the word aquarium, for example:

It is easy to see how the word is made up of a symbol for water. The symbol for the rest of the word "arium" or "rium" isn't as intuitive since it is more difficult to use a universal word for "place of". That may change in the future, though.

Someone learning this language should find it easy to remember many of the symbols, which is good since there are a great number of them. Each symbol has a meaning. To write that word you simply use the symbol by itself. I didn't want there to be so many symbols (a little over 850 at this point) but I will continue to modify the language to make it more efficient.

English is an Indo-European language with Latin and Greek roots. Most of the symbols translate into those roots but many words don't have a Greek or Latin root. This can be a problem since English is so versatile and uses borrowed words from so many different languages it would be exhausting to use a symbol for every unique word. I doubt anyone wants to learn ten-thousand different symbols. I certainly don't want to create that many symbols.

For the words that don't have symbols connected to them, just use the regular English alphabet or the Neoglyphi version of the alphabet. I may create symbols for syllables, similar to Japanese, unless this becomes too difficult.

The basic rules are easy. If a word uses a Greek or Latin root, you simply use the symbol for that root.

A long word like geography only needs three symbols.

- geo
- graph
- y

Here's the word in Neoglyphi:

Geographic would be:

To make it geographically you add one more symbol.

more examples

Connecting symbols in logical places, such as the ical and ly symbols above will happen over time and I will update the symbols where these changes evolve.

When translating, a good rule to go by is that if a word isn't in the dictionary, see if it can be broken down first. Even though I created this language, sometimes I miss how some words can break down.

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