29th, 2023

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Section 4: Compounds

When you want to use a symbol as its dictionary word instead of its translation but also use it to make a compound word, put a vertical line to the right of the symbol. Example (with dictionary word in parentheses):

- ine (girl)
- ami (friend)


When you use two or more symbols, yet still mean the dictionary word (single symbol), such as with a tense modifier, use a left or right compound symbol. The direction of the compound indicates where the multiple compound is. Example:

- past tense
- cur-r-s-cour (run)
- dom


Another type of compound is using an English letter with a Neoglyphi symbol. This is most commonly used for forming short words that are neither in the Lexicon nor do they translate directly. Example:


Note that the image for op-e_(oup) is a morphed version of op-e_oup to indicate you mean oup. Also, the separator is used between c and oup but this isn't necessary.

Section 3: Tenses | Section 5: Morphs



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