29th, 2023

New Words

Using Neoglyphi familiarizes you with word roots and makes it fun and easy to create new words. I've created some new words using existing roots and a few with new roots of my own.

somnolucent: to be lucid in a dream

somnolucate: to lucid dream

extrochronous: feeling of time stopping or being outside of time

oxycognosis: marked increase in mental clarity

spiragnosis: the feeling one gets when working on a task for an extended period of time, especially one requiring a lot of thinking, characterized by a tense feeling that one's brain is being tightly coiled up as if overworked

psyte: focused mental energy

diadynate: to transfer energy/information from one thing to another

diapsytate: to transfer psyte from one thing to another

psytous crystal: a crystal filled with psyte

rhote: R.O.T.E. (Related Organized Thought Energy) transferred from one soul to another; Monroe's "thought balls"



Updating code and the look of the site.


Finally fixed some code in the translator.


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