29th, 2023


One idea is to use words and sentences in Neoglyphi to draw a picture, which is relevant to the idea being conveyed, by using the symbols in a creative way. Depending on how the picture is drawn, it may be more or less difficult to decipher the picture.

Whoever is drawing the idea should then always know what the idea is just by looking at it. Someone being shown one of these sigils may need to be told what the idea or sentence is.

We will defeat the enemy.


Here is the sigil or drawn form of the sentence above.

You may have noticed that the (fa-ct-s_fec-t_fic_fea) symbol has been morphed. This can be done in a sigil, depending on how easy (or difficult) you want the translation to be.

In this case, the line [1] that forms an A and the top line [2] that forms an E indicate that you mean fea in fa-ct-s_fec-t_fic_fea. Also, you can add a t after to make sure the reader knows you mean defeat but it is not necessary since it is implied once you morph the symbol.

We are one and all connected.

For the sigil I only used the glyphs for we, one, all, and nect_nex. Here are two versions:

A new idea I've been experimenting with is to use foreign words that don't quite translate into English. Some of these words convey ideas that would take a sentence or two to explain in English. While looking through some word lists online, I realized that I found another rabbit hole. I will personally only show examples of sigils I felt compelled to include here but feel free to make any number of them! You can submit a sigil to me and I will be glad to show it here.


Saudade is a Portuguese word that loosely means, "to miss something or someone that isn't necessarily gone or lost," or, "the kind of melancholy you feel when you are far from a place or person you like but eventually you may come back to them/it". I don't speak Portuguese so if someone has a better way to explain it, please contact me. Here is the sigil for Saudade:


This sigil, Saudade, has the following symbols:

You | Here | But | Miss


Nadi is a Balinese word that means, "to temporarily inhabit another dimension." I like this one. Here is my first attempt at the sigil for Nadi:


Second attempt:


I went a different route for Nadi than I did for Saudade. Saudade only uses symbols according to their Dictionary words, whereas Nadi uses symbols that were translated (except for Other [contra-o]). For example:

temp-or | hab_hib | Other | dif_dis | meter_metr-y-i

Other is in the Dictionary but the others aren't. I didn't want to use every symbol that the other words consist of so I only used the root of each word. You can really do anything you want when it comes to sigils but be sure to explain what you mean.

In a way you can see how other ties in the two sides of the sigil. On the left side is temporarily inhabit and on the right side is dimension so it looks like the two are entwined by the X-like symbol of other, especially in the second version. The flat surface also has some added depth to show dimensionality.



Updating code and the look of the site.


Finally fixed some code in the translator.


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